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Based in New York, NY

Release date:
Q4, 2017

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Swipe and tap your way through out the city, battling reckless bicyclists, oblivious tourists, dangerous subway performers and much more. Customize your hero by learning different skills and changing your appearance. The city is depending on you to bring justice and balance to these mean streets, can you answer the call?


The team spent the last two years prototyping and refining the control scheme, pushing to make Justice Royale an exciting experience for mobile devices. They love playing games with core systems that are easy to learn and take time to master. With Justice Royale, the team feels they created a game that is fun and easy to pick up, but also challenging and rewarding.


  • Easy to learn controls allow players to serve justice with taps and swipes
  • Play through the episodic levels of story mode, enter a battle royale for experience rewards or take on a daunting challenger at night.
  • Equip special abilities and upgrade them to build a character that suits your playstyle.
  • Amazing music and sounds bring the world of Justice Royale to life.
  • Unleash devastating combos and then share that moment on Twitter and Facebook.


Launch Trailer - Full YouTube

Launch Trailer - Short YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Crystal Awards - Best Mobile Game" Gameacon, October, 2016
  • "Playcrafting Award Nominee - Best Mobile Game" AppNexus, 16 December, 2015

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Interview With Zapling Studios - Creators of Justice Royale The Game
Interview by Michael Hurdle when we were in alpha stage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o36UUvJ5F78.

Full Disclosure: Justice Royale
Interview by Youdaman: Australian Gamer about developing Justice Royale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMucClJAF6Q.

Retro Video Gamer Interview: Justice Royale
Interview by Scott Elliot http:.

About Zapling Studios

Zapling Studios is a New York based team that strives to create awesome games. Founded in 2014, their projects are a labor of love. Gameplay is their top priority. This ideal is the basis on which Zapling Studios was founded. They are firm believers in games having solid controls, unique gameplay and memorable moments.

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Justice Royale Credits

Davis Quan
Co-Founder, Lead Game Designer

Quintin Rodriguez-Harrison
Co-Founder, Lead Game Programmer

Brandon Perry
Quality Assurance Lead

Shane Steinhilber
Composer and Sound Designer

Jermaine Wynn
Marketing and Promotions Manager

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